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Catalyst College Counseling's Chinese name, Hun pu, refers to uncut gem­stones and unprocessed gold; a state of authentic and unharnessed purity.
In our eyes, every student is like an unpolished gem, possessing immense potential and hidden brilliance, much like unrefined jade or unprocessed gold. Each one deserves personalized nurturing and guidance. We, on the other hand, are the guides, companions, and catalysts on students' paths to renowned institutions.

Catalyst Strengths

Admission Results Beyond Expectations

At Catalyst, surpassing expectations in admissions has become the norm. Over the past five years, the Early Decision admission rate has consistently remained above 40%, and nearly 80% of Unadorned students have received admission offers from the top 30 undergraduate institutions in the United States.

Personalized Activity Guidance

At Catalyst, we not only have a comprehensive academic and activity resource library but have also pioneered the concept of 'Catalyst Activity,' which embodies a more personalized approach to activity planning. We are committed to starting from the perspective of the student and showcasing their individual charm.

Strict Control of Student Enrollment

At Catalyst, we carefully control the number of students for each application season, ensuring that every student receives full attention from the Unadorned team. We believe that the application process is not just about completing materials but also about meaningful interactions and mutual enrichment between individuals.

Top-notch Full-time American Document Consultants

We are committed to hiring American consultants on a full-time basis to assist students with their documents. They come from top U.S. institutions such as Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Carleton College, and more.

Event Highlights

Development Path


Founded in Shanghai in 2014


  Achieving the Ivy League: Yale,         Columbia, and Stanford


Becoming a reputable brand in the high-end overseas education industry
Establishing the Guangzhou Project Team


Being recognized as one of the 'Top 10 Beloved Instructors by Students'

Establishing the Wuhan Project Team"


  Achieving the Ivy League: Yale,         Columbia, and Stanford

Exciting Videos

Founder Interview


Catalyst Senior Consultant
Discusses American University Interviews

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